Carlson Sales Inc.

Carlson Sales, (Lyle Carlson Sales, Inc.) Originated in Atlanta, GA in 1967 and was Incorporated in 1971 by Lyle Carlson.

Lyle was active as President up until his retirement in 1992

Lyle’s son, Larry Carlson, joined Carlson Sales in 1977 and assumed the position of President in 1992 which he still holds today. With over 40 yrs in the industry Larry Carlson is a staple within the industry, not only in the Southeast, but across N America. His knowledge, drive and desire has made Carlson Sales what it is today.


In 2005 Carlson Sales expanded its footprint to Houston, Texas to improve the Company's relations with the key players in the industry.

This move was intended to help us best promote our Manufacturers' products, but it also created significant additional exposure to the major PVF players.  


In 2006, Felker Brothers Stainless Pipe Division asked Carlson Sales to represent their company in the Southeast US. followed by a request to further develop the Texas & Louisiana territories. By 2009, and with this additional growth, it was time to develop an additional sales presence as sales had more than doubled.

Hence the hire of Nina Olinger as an Account Manager. 


Nina's addition in 2009 added an additional 25 years’ experience within the PVF industry. Nina has an industrial PVF history with such companies as Sharon Piping, RWK, Ta Chen & Outokumpu. With this vast variety of experience within the PVF industry, Nina is an extremely valuable asset to the CSI team and our customers.


Eric Richardson Joined Carlson Sales as a Partner on 11/2014. A seasoned veteran of the PVF business, Eric has over 13 years previous experience in the PVF industry including such companies as PM International, Allied Group and Dodson Global. As a Global Account Executive Eric has developed strong ties with most of the PVF Distributors in the traditional CSI territory and beyond.


Today, strong relationships exist between Carlson Sales and all major buying influences in the PVF & associated businesses. These relationships have awarded Carlson Sales the opportunity to represent a variety of additional product lines that are used within this industry and others.


At Carlson Sales our history is strong and our PVF relationships run deep. We will continue to service our customers with the highest service level, while representing our product lines with the utmost professionalism.